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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. For my fat her inlaw who has been kidnaped May God have mercy on him and may he come back with his family, may his family be protected against evil amen

    Marc, 4/16/2014
  2. Please pray for my financial need. God bless you all.

    Betsy, 4/16/2014
  3. That my sister will find hope to live and not harm herself that she will love her children and my mother , please give us strength to all of us , to my mother , my sister , my nieces gives us peace and love in our family and stress free and keep us always together and help me to help them and give support always

    Please pray for me
    Thank you

    katia, 4/16/2014
  4. Please will you help my pray for John and I. To be open to
    Listen and speak openly to one another. May we be able to overcome our fears. Please help us.

    Sylvia, 4/16/2014
  5. Please pray to St. Francis and Blessed John Paul II and our Mother Mary for KB, whose tumors have returned. Please pray to them for her to be healed. Pray for her family as well.
    And pray to them for the souls of the lost plane and the sunken ship and those lost in wars and murders and for the souls of the aborted babies of the world.
    Pray to them that those who have lost their faith come back to the Church.
    Pray to them for Pope Francis that he lives a long, long life and continues to unite the Church AND the world.
    Gods blessings on Pope Francis and on every living creature in the world.
    Thank you God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Thank you Mother Mary.

    CF, 4/16/2014
  6. My name is Maria P. and the gentleman is Jessie D., we are both in our 50\'s and he can\'t make up his mind on what he wants at 50\'s. I felt for Jessie so hard, before I was alone for 12 yrs. and now I meant this man for whom I love, but he left me for whatever reason. Please bring him back to my life and have him call me very soon. We are too lonely people that need to be together. I love Jessie and love to have him back in my life, we are too alike and meant for each other, please wake him up and let him see that I am the one for him and have him call me very, very soon, it will be a beautiful moment to see each other talking and dating or seeing and making thing work again but this time for good and for our life and to grow older together.

    I want Jessie D. to call me, to huge me, to love me again. I want Jessie to come back into my life again. I love you Jessie and at our age we need to be together. Please Lord brings Jessie back and when he sees me I want him to start feeling love for me again, I don\'t want to be alone again, and been there for 12 yrs. Maria P. and Jessie D.

    Maria P., 4/16/2014
  7. Dear Lord : I pray and ask for forgiveness for viewing pornography. I pray for renewal of soul and spirit. I pray my family loves me unconditionally and does not treat me adversely. I pray the right choice is clear to me whether to stay in my new tranferred department or join a different company - to further my career and provide for my family, our Parish, our Community and those in need. I pray for all who struggle with vice and sin. Jesus is Lord! Lord hear our prayers! Amen!

    Steve, 4/16/2014
  8. for mom after her cataract surgery,for relief of allergies for my son and husband

    meena, 4/16/2014
  9. I really need a good job. I applied and interviewed for a nurse aide job, please pray that I get this job in order to make my and family\'s life better. Also lost my sister two years ago, her funeral was on Easter Monday, please pray for healing within our family , this is a hard time of the year for us. I miss her every day, but the anniversary of her funeral is an extra hard one.

    michele, 4/16/2014
  10. Mother I will know if I have a job still. If I lose this job it means I cant stay in Australia. I need to the job so that my permanent residency can go through successfully well. If I lose my job as the sole breadwinner we need to pack back when the main reason we came here is to give my son Devraj an alternative schooling while he was suffering back home. He has been doing well and going now after 2 years will only bring down his confidence and self esteem leading to continuw studying. Please send angels to whisper to my bosses how much I need this boss and help me in retaining it. Thankyou

    Mahes, 4/16/2014
  11. i ask that my 2 youngest son\'s stop doing drugs and drinking. that god put the right people in their path, to guide them to the almighty
    God. i pray that they give their lives to god and grow up to be good men.

    leticia, 4/16/2014
  12. For my wife, for a positive outcome to remove cancer cells.
    For my son, for a miracle in our desperation for his well being.
    For our family to gain In our faith and trust in Jesus Christ and the blessed Mother Mary for our futures

    Rudy, 4/16/2014
  13. Heavenly Father, I pray that in your perfect timing this house will be sold. This dark journey hopefully will end with a wonderful blessing.

    janet, 4/16/2014
  14. Please send prayers. I am continuing to struggle financially and am about to lose my home to foreclosure if I don\'t receive some help soon. I have no family to turn to as they all have their own struggles. I feel like I work so hard only to never get ahead. I try to put on a good front but the stress is becoming too much. Praying for a miracle. Will help to know others will pray with me. Love to all.

    Susan, 4/16/2014
  15. Dear God in Heaven I pray to you today to please take care of my son and daughter in Law as they face potentially serious health issues with their soon to be born daughter. Please father help them to be strong and have faith in your divine intervention so that my first grandchild will be born healthy and live a good Christian life. I ask this in your name. Thank you Father for all the blessings you have bestowed on us and the challenges you have help our family through. Amen.

    Jane, 4/16/2014
  16. Dear God Please perform a miracle and heal my precious son Brian from lung cancer. Please guide the doctors as they try to save his life, his wife and babies need him. I will be forever grateful, we are desparate, please God answer our prayers, he is so good and kind, lift this sorrow from our hearts, he is so needed and loved. Praise Jesus and His Holy Blessed Mother, thank you Love a brokenhearted mother

    thomasina, 4/16/2014
  17. My unemployment just ended after 6 months. Please pray for me that I will be able to support myself.

    mary, 4/16/2014
  18. Dear Lord, Please hear my prayer. Please soften Danny\'s heart and allow him to see how much he has hurt me once again, Please allow him to miss me and finally commit himself to our relationship. Please assist everyone in their request! Thank you dear lord for all your blessings!

    Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

    Philippians 4:6

    Christine, 4/16/2014
  19. Please pray that I will be able to give up my job and care for my family. I want to be more available for my husband, children, and parents. They deserve so much more than I am able to give with a job that drains and depresses me. Our house is in need of many repairs and it seems as though we will never be able to live on just one income. Meanwhile my children are growing up so fast, and my parents need more and more help as they age. My mother has dementia and my 80 year old father is her main caregiver. Please pray that our finances improve so I can give up my job and be with them more. In Jesus\' name, Amen.

    Beth, 4/16/2014
  20. Oh lord plz forgive my sins plz help us plz guide us plz forgive my sins plz bless us n guide us plz take care of everything thx for bringing my bro back home plz solve dis financial crisis plz help us oh lord plz guide us m bless us plz see day everything goes well tomorrow

    Arm, 4/16/2014
  21. For my struggles in my household

    isabel, 4/16/2014
  22. Thanking God for all His mercies bestowed on me

    J, 4/16/2014
  23. Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours now and for ever. Amen!!!

    Mary, 4/16/2014
  24. Dear Lord bless me. The small claim trials for me is coming near. Please come to me to face this trials. Bless me and the person involve to this trials. Have no attorney to defend me, i just defend myself and intention is good to pay them back Lord. Hope A and J will have nice heart to understand my situation. Hope both of yhem ate not tough on me on that date. Lord please protect me and guide me for the better path i need to follow fir this journey. Please give a chance for my life to see the beauty of life is. Thank you Lord for akways there to listen to my problems in my life. Give a oeace of mind, free from stress for financial difficulties. Thank u Amen!

    Mary, 4/16/2014
  25. Dear Brother and Sister,
    This is Antony S William, due to small misunderstanding my wife stepped into court and it is in final stage but from day first I was not willing to sign up the divorce application form due to force by my wife I agreed to sign up. Kindly pray for me to cancel the divorce and start a new life

    Antony S William
    +91 991 659 2374

    ANTONY, 4/16/2014
  1. That my oldest son get hired soon for the job he has been trained for.

    Jo, 4/16/2014
  2. Please pray that I might find the right job and find it soon. Thank you.

    Gina, 4/16/2014
  3. Jesus, please take away my pain and anguish of deception and treachery and be with me as i live through this phase. Help me Lord. I have deep faith in your powers and in your love amd plans for me

    Anon, 4/16/2014
  4. I am going through a very tough time right now with family and finances. Some days are so hard that all I can pray for is simple hope. Please pray for me. I\'m really struggling. Thank you!

    Erin, 4/16/2014
  5. 4-16-14 blessed father YAHWEH with a trusting and faithful heart i come to you today in prayer to seek your holy overflowing financial blessings for american mattress man. for me travis to be stron in all and have the faith and moves mountains and earn a living to provide for my family and others. for protection and guidance for aidan and justin my sons. for audra and i travis for home and business matters. for art jr healing and peace. for art sr and xavi strength and needs.annette blessings.

    travis, 4/16/2014
  6. I am unemployed. My husband\'s paycheck is being unfairly garnished. We barely make enough to live on. We are behind in our bills, rent, and daughter\'s tuition. Please pray with us that the devils roadblocks be removed from our pathway to financial success and stability. Please pray with us that we can meet our financial obligations this month. Please pray with us that I get a good job. Please pray with us for a financial blessing. And finally pray with us that this experience makes my family and marriage stronger.

    Dionne, 4/16/2014
  7. Thank you for your prayers. I asked for prayers that I would find employment, and less than a month later, I received a job offer. Thank you so much for the blessings.

    Sandra, 4/16/2014
  8. Please say a prayer for Whitney, he needs help with a work related issue in order to keep his job. Your prayer would be greatly appreciated

    whitney, 4/16/2014
  9. I pray that god will help my family. Help my daughter be more comfortable around her dad.oTo build a relationship with him. I pray that in time I can forgive him for cheating.

    Danielle, 4/16/2014
  10. For my little baby, that he may recover completely and have no health issues. That The Lord may see to his health in body, mind and spirit.

    Christne , 4/16/2014
  11. Lord, please help both of my roommates. For one, I hope she gains the relationship she has always wanted with her mother. For the other, I hope she gains relief from her anxiety and worries. Let them both know I love them dearly.

    Mary, 4/16/2014
  12. Please pray for my Uncle who has been in and out of the hospital due to stomach issues and has been very sick. Please keep him in your prayers and I hope you has a quick recovery.

    Mary, 4/16/2014
  13. Please pray for my Aunt\'s mother, she has been sick ever since there was a tumor found in her leg and she is not doing well. I pray that she makes it through this and not suffer as much as she is right now.

    Mary, 4/16/2014
  14. Lord, Please bring us back together..As the days goes by I am missing her more and more.. Please forgive me everything I have done and give her strength to forgive me and to provide a chance with her.. Amen

    Viji, 4/16/2014
  15. Please pray for my mom, Mary Ann to be healed of any cancer cell in her body. She is given strength,comfort,peace,energy,restful sleep, an appetite & protection over her immune system & eyesight! And anything else she maybe going through at this time. In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you & God bless you! Really appreciate the prayers!

    M, 4/16/2014
  16. Please pray for Jordan and that she finds happiness and content and does better in school. Please show her I love her so much.

    Natalie, 4/16/2014
  17. o pray for my friend Juwan in the army and that he comes back to me and make it safe on the way home and make sure he safe where he is now and for me to pass my driver test and make sure my family be safe and for me to reach my goals this summer and for me to stay on the right track and my little brother to get better at potty training

    raniqa , 4/16/2014
  18. Please pray for my wife Krystal, she\'s going through a tough time right now. Balancing school and being a 1st time mother. We rent a room from a large family with lots of drama that is really getting to my wife lately. We\'d like to move out and get our own place, or at least a place where we can be free of that kind of environment. Please pray for us to find a new home and God Bless You!

    Mike, 4/16/2014
  19. Please help me get through the afternoon and to see a sign of your love. Help me to help someone else.

    Mary, 4/16/2014
  20. Lord
    Please give me the strength I need to finish the personal things I need to complete so that I may move forward with my life. Help me find a good Christian husband who wants to protect me and care for me. Also Lord I am need of some help with finances. I am grateful for everything you always provide Lord. However with casual work I am finding it hard to pay all my bills to stay alive. I love you with all my heart.

    Catherine, 4/16/2014
  21. Heavenly Father, I pray for my son Tyler. He\'s closed everyone out who loves him out, including You. Please God, I pray you will bring him back to everyone who loves him, especially You as I know You will protect him, guide him onto Your path. Please let him know how much I love him, miss him and desperately need him in my life.
    I know he would like someone to share his life with; I pray You will bring the godly young lady You have chosen for him into his life so they can start their love filled life journey together as husband and wife.
    I know You hear our prays Lord, thank you!

    Cristina, 4/16/2014
  22. Please pray for me to be blessed with a good paying job, in which I will be happy and I will enjoy and excel at my work, quickly. I\'m not happy where I am working now. My boss is a crazy person. This job and the negativity in this company is draining me. Please pray that I get a new job where
    i can be happy and paid enough to take care of my family and bills. In Jesus name - Amen

    Sophia , 4/16/2014
  23. Please pray for my family and I to be approved for the house that we would like to rent on Gail Ct at a price that we can afford. Please also pray that we obtain all of the funds needed in order to make the move in Jesus name we pray. AMEN

    Sophia, 4/16/2014
  24. Heavenly father, I pray that you will aid me in my struggle to find suitable employment so that I may be able to provide for myself and my family. Free me from crippling debt oh Lord and lead me away from temptation and vice. I pray that you will destroy every stumbling block in my path. Guide and protect me all my days. Amen

    Vernessa, 4/16/2014
  25. please JESUS help me with my Social Disability application,please help them decide that I am Disabile and am in in need of help.please help my mother with her bills and make the government pass the extended unemployment benefits that have lots a families losing their homes and not having money to feed themselves..please bless me and help me with my bills,Dear LORD please bless my home and family..amen

    Peter, 4/16/2014

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