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Praying Hands

Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.

Philippians 4:6

Let Us Pray

Together, let us pray for the needs of our brothers and sisters.
Please remember these intentions in your daily prayers.

  1. Please pray for my healing i have back neck and shoulder pain i can\'t doing normal activity and please pray for my finance-money to become more better have extra income finance-money Gbu all, thank\'s

    gary, 10/15/2014
  2. Oh lord plZ take care of everything I beg u oh lord plZ bless us n help us plZ guide us plZ bring peace in our lives

    Arm, 10/15/2014
  3. my husband name Ravi Kiran,we had a problem in our marriage as per your prayers it is restored back. now he is having relation with prostitutes and taken a sim hidden from me and talking to them. Please pray that he be totally cut off from every evil relationship.. when i came to know and asked him he is abusing me badly.. even they are calling me and abusing me.. all of a sudden he was nice to me i could not believe him, found that as i will not doubt him if he is taking care of me well.. i will not ask him anything . Those two females are mahalaxmi and sujatha... please pray that these females will be out of his life and my husband will be completely cut off and be with me with love and affection. His sister, mother and brother keep on telling to leave me, please pray that he disconnects from these people and listens to the word of god..

    krishnaveni, 10/15/2014
  4. Most holy Apostle, St Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, the Church honours and invokes you universally as the patron of difficult cases, of things almost despaired of, Pray for me, I am so helpless and alone.
    Intercede with God for me that He bring visible and speedy help where help is almost despaired of. Come to my assistance in this great need that I may receive the consolation and help of heaven in all my necessities, tribulations and sufferings, particularly:
    For James Savundra to write a convincing medical report for insurance
    To see another psychiatrist
    To get some of my superannuation to fix up my face
    And that I may praise God with you and all the saints forever. I promise, O blessed St Jude, to be ever mindful of this great favour granted me by God and to always honour you as my special and powerful patron, and to gratefully encourage devotion to you.

    Naomi, 10/15/2014
  5. Plz god.. Help me to come out from this problem... and Plz do something to get me the new job which I applied yesterday. You are always with me when I required you... Thank you for that

    Austin , 10/15/2014
  6. pray for me to have strength and do my work to the best,also pray for me to get a job to support my people... God hear my humble prayer

    alice, 10/15/2014
  7. Please pray for my daughter Celeste, 35 who is sick that God may bless her and heal her quickly. Thank you

    Marie, 10/15/2014
  8. i completed my course work for criminal liabilities.mine is so different from others.m scared i might fail it.pliz pray for me,i need to get the highest score/marks.pliz i beg of you,i need yo prayers.i want to pass this coursework.pliiiiiz

    siwundu, 10/15/2014
  9. I pray for my mother Josie a fast healing and recovery I pray for her good health and restoration I thank God in advance in Jesus name I pray amen

    edz, 10/15/2014

    Mehwish, 10/14/2014
  11. Please pray for my brother Johnny Martinez . He died today. Thank you and bless you all.

    Nick, 10/14/2014
  12. Please pray for no jail confinement but work probation and mercy of the courts. Please let the Angels give peace

    M, 10/14/2014
  13. For Shirley, Allen, and Marc that they have an alright financial situation for the rest of their life on earth.

    Allen, 10/14/2014
  14. I am not keeping well. I suffer from severe acid reflux problem and because of this I cannot eat anything,if I eat I feel bloated and shortness of breath. Also, recently I have pain on my thyroid, symptoms looks like thyroid cancer. I am very worried. Also, I am having irregular periods because I have some problem with my ovaries. Also, my eyes has some major problem because of which I need to see the doctor. I am very worried. It has only been 1 year since I got married and I want to live and produce children. Please pray for me. I feel I am dying.

    Ssk, 10/14/2014
  15. I want to share my heart my personal things with you all.I am struggling a lot in life with 3things for sure.
    1)First & most important one is about my marriage.We marry only once in life.I am having blockages & hindrances to find my man.We do arrange marriage within our culture.My Parents are tired of looking a man for me.I want to settle down in life & have true Soul-mate relationship that lasts forever with my Spouse.I need your lots of prayers & healings from JESUS that I get married with a decent,conventional & chaste man.My Mother has looked a man for me.My relative knows him very well.He is just my type decent,spiritual & well educated from nice family.I wish I get married with him.I wish this man opens his heart for me & we live a blessed life for ever. I have just seen him only once for about 7,8 minutes only i felt he is my type of man.We are not in touch with each other.My relative knows him well & has said all is fine with him & his family.His name is Bhaskar & My name is Jyoti. You all please keep both of us name in your healing & prayers lists for miracles in our marriage that we both develop lots of love & respect for each other for our blessed marriage,union & growth.
    2)Secondly money is totally blocked in my life.I want to open it forever.I am in a job hunt have no job at all.I want to have financial blessings with a decent job where I will get permanently hired.I need God’s & Angel’s help & love so that money opens for me forever.I have applied in few places for job & dropped my CV there hope they call me.
    4) Thirdly I have health issues suffering from Obesity,fluctuation in blood pressure & sugar with sinusities & cold problems.On the top of it i am very tensed in life.
    I need lots of blessings from Jesus for my marriage,finances & health issues.I feel you all can help me with your prayers with healings & blessings on me please for longer time. Thankyou all so much.May God bless you all with abundance.Amen.

    Jyoti, 10/14/2014
  16. That a friend of a friend may be prayed for that he sees the glory of God and that a miracle is worked to allow him to live longer, or be cured and to see God the Father and Jesus, for he only has one month to live, his name is Javi.

    Spencer, 10/14/2014
  17. god please bless me and my dad with peace, wisdom, favor and protection.

    elena, 10/14/2014
  18. job help am struggling
    Plz pray that my in principle approval letter gets accepted and that I can resign from my old job. I am facing lots of stress lord plz ipour your divine mercy on my situation and help me jesus. I trust in Ur divine plan for me jesus. Thank you jesus praise you jesus.

    sam, 10/14/2014
  19. Please help pray for me. I am currently working at a job through a temporary staffing agency and I am really unhappy. I asked God to help me get a job a few weeks ago. I didn\'t receive any job offers from the dozens of resumes I sent out so I went out and found my current temporary job on my own. I ask God for something and then when I don\'t get an answer or whatever it is that I want, I go out and do it myself. I don\'t understand why I keep doing this over and over. Please help me to refrain from doing things on my own and NOT waiting on God to provide for me. Please pray that God will put me where He sees fit to put me. Help me to follow the path in which HE has for me.Thanks!

    April, 10/14/2014
  20. Please pray for my husbands health and please pray that he does not have a reaccurance of ulcers and extreme water retention

    Christine, 10/14/2014
  21. Please bless my family...let me keep our home...many thanks for my work...many thanks for Davids love and the gifts you give

    Mona, 10/14/2014
  22. Lord today I come to you to Thank you for my pregnancy, I ask of you for a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy. May I be in good health to care for the gift of life you have shared with me once again. I thank you for my little family will you grant us good health love faith and hope through your graceful mercy Amen

    Joanna , 10/14/2014
  23. Thank you for today - for my safety, my gifts and my talents. I praise you always and so enjoy working for you.
    Please protect my children and help me to be patient with the in-laws. Help me to not be jealous nor resentful of their intrusion in my life

    DN, 10/14/2014
  24. please pray for my son who has cancer and my husband who has bad lungs
    thank you lord amen

    margaret, 10/14/2014
  25. I have a wonderful girlfriend i should love, by all accounts. When discovering something past, I became horrified and am struggling. I know it is wrong to judge her and leave her, but this is something that I simply wish wasn\'t true. Please pray for us both-especially me as I just read Romans 2:1 and feel really convicted...

    Douglas, 10/14/2014
  1. I just want to pray for two groups of people.

    1. Victims of human trafficking and exploitation.


    2. Victims of violence in the Middle East.

    Good Jesus,
    I have just about everything I need in life (other than you know what).
    Would you please help the women and children in the above two situations?

    I pray for all these victims.


    Anon, 10/14/2014
  2. My Lord and my God, be with me always, every moment, every breath I take, every thought that comes into my mind, every action that originates from myself and every word that comes from me, so that every word, thought, need, action of mine is restricted and bound by your will, your plans for me and in ine with your rules. Lord, I love you and hence I fear going against your rules. YOu have worked wonders for me and I am so grateful and never want to go against you, never want to offend you for fear of incurring your wrath. My Lord, you are all merciful and all compassionate, you are all loving and tender and so forgiving yet I fear you because I love you and I know you love me and taking care of me. I feel your presence in my life and I feel how you have lifted me out of every challenging situation. Thank you Jesus, thank you for being with me. I ask the same blessings for my loved ones, my family my siblings, nephews and nieces, my beloved, my babies. I ask for special and urgent intervention in the life of my nephew Arun who is going through a very difficult marriage which is hurting him, his spouse, his babies and all in the family. Please send the Holy Spirit upon Arun and his wife and make things work for them. Please protect his babies and make them immune to the stressful situation at home. Lord bless them and fill their lives with love, peace and joy. Lord I seek your intervention to help Trevor find a good mate so he can settle down in life. If it is not your will that he gets married, transform his needs and desires for a mate. I ask for transformation of all of us so we do not look at the negatives of others rather look at the goodness of others and spread peace and joy. Bless my babies and keep them in your care. Lord I ask for miraculous cure of Sneha, Aquila, Jen, Gowsika and Gladys. Bless my beloved, transform him and unite him with his daughter. Make me an asset to my employer and protect my employment, make me an instrument of peace and blessing to all. I promise Lord to walk on your path and use your blessings for a good cause. I seek your help in doing what you want me to do, in being what you want me to be

    anon, 10/14/2014
  3. Please heal and protect my son from cancer. In Gods name I pray.

    Paul, 10/14/2014
  4. O Sacred Heart of Jesus. I have asked for many favors, but I earnestly implore this one. Please take care of my husband in his job as he needs your intercession like never before. Take it. Place it in Your Sacred Heart. When the Eternal Father sees it covered with Your Precious Blood, He will not refuse it. It will be no longer my prayer but Yours. O Jesus, O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in Your. Let me never be confounded. Amen.

    Michele, 10/14/2014
  5. Dear GOD please help me in my everyday life especially that I\'am in the foreign land. Please help me to survive everyday in this country without my family at my side. Please help me in my job everyday because I need to have a good sale and do correctly whatever task that they give me because I know anytime they can pull me out of this job and send me home. Help me please because I know you know that I badly needed this job not just for me but also to my family so I can support their needs and wants. LORD GOD I believed that you know me from the strands of my hair up to my toes and I\'am begging you to help me especially at my job. I pray also that you open the mind and the hearts of our managers and colleague that they should understand me in any way. I prayed to you LORD GOD to please keep me and my family always healthy and keep them safe especially my dad, mom, sister. niece sophia, brother-in-law, grandmother and my aunt edna. Lastly, I prayed for my inner soul and happiness that I may found the happiness that I\'m longing for. I prayed that I will found my true happiness in the form of a man that I will be forever partner and that man would be Kim Hyun Joong. He is the man that I wanted to be my forever partner because looking into his eyes I know that he is kind, caring , loving and understanding man. LORD GOD even though I have too many request I\'m still thankful for each and everyday blessings that I received from YOU. I put everything in your almighty hand and I believed that you are always with me. In your ALMIGHTY NAME. AMEN!!.

    Sharon Morales, 10/14/2014
  6. Oh Lord, I pray for you to help me and my wife get over the loss of our unborn child. Please bring us blessings that will sooth our sorrows. I thank you for looking after me each and every day that goes by at work. I pray that you intervene in the medical board investigation so I will be able to continue work in my current position so as to look after my family and those overseas. I ask this through Jesus Christ Our Lord.


    peter, 10/14/2014
  7. Heavenly father I thank you for everything you have given me even though I keep asking for more I just want to say I am grateful for everything I have give me the strength to follow your commandments & be a good Christian I ask for financial ease & your guidance amen

    charli3, 10/14/2014
  8. My daughter\'s boss is facing a judgment about some of his funding projects.
    He is a wonderful, creative man. Please bless his experience while under the scrutiny of others. Thank you Mary, Jesus, God & The Saints. I love you.

    eloise, 10/14/2014
  9. Please pray for my two sons, Justin and Michael. They each have different needs at this time and need prayers for healing and prosperity. Thank you for your prayer support.

    Sherry, 10/14/2014

    arn, 10/14/2014
  11. This is my deeply felt THANK YOU to my Patron Saint St. Jude Thaddeus:

    Most Holy Apostle and Martyr,St. Jude: Thank you, thank you, thank you! for your prompt and faithful help in my great need. I am here testifying of this great miracle!. To tell others that what seemed impossible happened in an instant through your prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. PRAISE AND GLORY TO GOD who answers all petitions through the prayers of his Saints!!!


    MK, 10/14/2014
  12. Please pray for my 16 yr old daughter that is being admitted into a behaviour center. Please pray to keep her safe and that this treatment will bring her home with a new vision and power to control her desires. Amen

    Kathy, 10/14/2014
  13. pray for me to resolve my money problems and for Brad to recover from injuries, and angela to get her social security benefits

    anne, 10/14/2014
  14. oh lord plz forgive my sins plz help us plz guid eus pzl brin gpeace in our lvies plz take care of everything plz bring peace in our lvies plz help us n guide us plz take care of everything

    arn, 10/14/2014
  15. Heavenly Father please bless and cure the Dallas Nurse Nina Pham infected with Ebola and restore her back to good health. Thank you Heavenly Father in Jesus name.Amen

    Ursula, 10/14/2014
  16. I pray that my son Brandon does well tomorrow on his test tomorrow and that his GPA for this semester is above 2.0. He is studying very hard and loves his college. I pray to you Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

    Brandon, 10/14/2014
  17. Heavenly Father please heal my stomach, neck, shoulder and spine problems completely so I don\'t have to take medications and don\'t let them come back again.
    Also heal my husband\'s acid reflux completely and don\'t let it come back again.
    Please bless and protect my husband, myself, our three daughters, Simba from all dangers, accidents, illness, sickness and sin and help us financially to pay off our huge debts and educate our children. Please Dear God protect my husband from layoffs and help him in his job and help him get up to speed in his work. Please dear God please heal my daughter of her PCOS and normalize her monthly menses without medication and cure her ovary cyst and give us good news when she goes to the Doctor in Dec. nothing is found and everything is normal. Also bless our three daughters with good careers and jobs, husbands of your choice and healthy children Help my youngest daughter in her studies and help her to ace the PSAT, SAT and ACT Exams.

    Thank you heavenly Father for hearing my prayers. Amen.

    maria, 10/14/2014
  18. Please pray that , I will no longer be stalked or met. With deceit, out of anyone\'s conscience in ask that a certain party stop using me in their demise , and never use my sins that I\'ve already repented for to bring another\'s sins to pass, I ask in Jesus name one more thing , please pray for justice , Immediately, trying to hurt me, cover up

    Natasha , 10/14/2014
  19. I need lots of help. Please pray for me. I am in dire need.

    Jack, 10/14/2014
  20. Daughter got a call this morning her step sister is in induced coma. She has 2 different types of cancer. They are talking about putting her in a long time care hospital. Please pray for her and her family. Thank you and God bBess

    Judy, 10/14/2014
  21. Please pray with me to Jesus, Mary and the saints that my medical tests do not reveal anything bad. I am a nervous wreck. Please pray for me to keep calm and trust in the Lord. Thank you.

    Dolores, 10/14/2014
  22. Please pray for me that I will get my teeth fixed because I feel really humiliated when people see my teeth. I just want a nice smile & please pray for me that nothing would happen to me during the of my braces. Also pray for meeting a guy that will truly love me & that I love him back

    Mayra, 10/14/2014
  23. Please pray for my daughter Ashviny Joanne that she will do her very best in the SPM and get 9A+ n b blessed with a good medical college to do medicine

    Ashviny Joanne, 10/14/2014
  24. lord help me out here let my hand fly like the wind so that i can finish my work in no time send me a legend of angels. as always i ask for prayers for the needs of my love ones my financial need, of all the people who are ill, for my children, for the people who are in mist of going to your home lord that know and repent of all their sins, for the missionaries of the world, for our leaders church and government as always lord i ask this in the name of our lord jesus crist precious blood amen.

    maria, 10/14/2014
  25. Lord, please help me find a job. This past year has been such a struggle, but I know you have a path for me. Help me stay strong and have faith that you will give me nothing I can\'t handle. Please bring the right people into life that can help me. Amen.

    Shelly , 10/14/2014

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